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Why we are different

Martin Contracts (NI) Ltd believes that delivering a quality project requires a combination of tried and tested procedures that have been forged in the competitive commercial marketplace, implemented by a team committed to delivering the project on programme and within budget. Our team takes immense personal and professional pride in achieving the highest standards of delivery.

We feel that the procedures detailed in our Integrated Management Systems manual help ensure that we achieve this goal.

Through experience, we have found that defining the lines of communication and establishing a reporting structure are critical to a successful project, ensuring that the project runs smoothly and that information is available on an ongoing basis. Every contract we undertake combines technical experience and expertise with the latest technologies, together with an unremitting commitment to customer service.

Martin Contracts (NI) Ltd prides itself on teamwork in coordination with this total commitment to customer satisfaction. We provide our customers with a level of service which, we believe, inspires confidence in us. As a consequence of this, the majority of our growth has been demand-led.