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Quality Policy

Martin Contracts NI Ltd. places the following in high regard as the main goals in the supply of a quality service to each and every customer:

  • We promise not to undertake any project for which we are not suitably competent or qualified.
  • We ensure that the provision of our services shall comply with all relevant industry standards and practices,
  • We shall endeavour to provide our services in the most cost-effective manner for the customer as compared to similar companies in our area; though we shall always work primarily to provide the highest standards.
  • We shall attempt, where possible, to develop new, more innovative ways of providing our services through technology and otherwise to satisfy even more fully our customers’ needs,
  • We shall endeavour to reduce in number any complaints that we receive. We shall always learn from any mistake made and make sure that it is not repeated. Where a complaint has been received we shall make all possible actions to ensure that it is resolved to the satisfaction of both ourselves and the customer,
  • We dedicate ourselves to researching new practices and technologies for ways in which we can improve our performance.

In our quest to provide quality services we shall employ the following strategies:

  • We shall constantly refer and update our standards to newly-written standards.
  • We shall fulfil customer’s orders within the shortest possible timescale and at, the very least, stay within the schedule of works for each project where possible,
  • We shall obtain an understanding of the customers’ needs and content ourselves that we are able to carry out the services within the schedule given to us before embarking on any works,
  • With each project we shall stay in constant contact with the client to ensure they are happy with progress and to ensure that any change in the requirements can be suitably executed.
  • Each member of our staff shall be aware of their role within our supply chain and will have individual responsibility to ensure that everything in their remit operates smoothly.
  • Our primary focus is to maintain the high level of our services proactively, rather than try to salvage any lapse in standards retrospectively.
  • We are dedicated to furthering the training of our staff to help to broaden the services which we are qualified to do and to improve the standards of those which we already provide.